Beauty is an Inside Job & Story Alert I Almost Broke my Nose

“You do not understand your features. Your features are not your beautiful nose, your beautiful cheeks, beautiful lips, and so on. These are not your features. Your features are your beautiful behavior, your beautiful character, your beautiful health, your beautiful spirit, your beautiful advice.” #YogiBhajan
June 16 I almost broke my nose while exploring an underwater cave in the Tyrrhenian Sea. That’s part of the experience when making new adventures 🙂 Anyhow, I’ve had to wear huge hats to protect my face as it healed. And also try to avoid the sun.
I went to a pharmacy here in Florence today and spoke to the owner and in true Italian style….as I explained to him as best I could in Italian that I was scared of scarring and my Mom was coming in a few days, he told me small imperfections make us the most beautiful. And that I was beautiful, not to worry so much. It touched my heart that he heard me, really connected to my concern and made me feel better all at the same time.
Our external features are all temporary. #Yoga teaches us life itself is impermanent so to practice #nonattachment. They way we look on the outside will change but our features truly are our beautiful behavior, character, health and spirit. Beauty is indeed an inside job.
Invoking Green Tara today the goddess of #compassion.
Photo #tuscany San Gimignano June 28 a rare moment without a hat on 🙂#warrior1 #virabhadrasana

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