What is Spirituality?

#HappinessRx: “Spirituality doesn’t mean a blind belief in a spiritual teaching. Spirituality is a practice that brings relief, communication, and transformation.  Everyone needs a spiritual dimension in life. Without a spiritual dimension, it’s very challenging to be with the daily difficulties we all encounter. With a spiritual practice, you’re no longer afraid. Along with your physical body, you have a spiritual body. The practices of breathing, walking, concentration, and understanding can help you greatly in dealing with your emotions, in listening to and embracing your suffering, and in helping you to recognize and embrace the suffering of another person. If we have this capacity, then we can develop a real and lasting spiritual intimacy with ourselves and with others.”
-Thich Nhat Hanh, How to Love (Mindfulness Essentials
Being human brings a daily assortment of challenges. Spiritual practices like #yoga #meditation do not stress proof your life. They do however, gives us the tools to deal with what happens to us gracefully. Consider spiritual happiness as an embracing of ancient technology to help you live from the most loving place within. As a result, it impacts how we look out upon the world.

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