Life is full of beauty.
I am a lifelong moment gatherer and beauty finder. It’s my nature to see the world around me with the eyes of my heart. Each day I ride my scooter in #Bali looking to collect as many beautiful visions as possible.

To be honest 99% of the beauty I discover I choose not to capture in a photo. I keep these treasures in my heart to share in conversation rather than in media.
I like to think if we are all paying attention to the beauty around us, we will always have the most amazing conversations. We can share our stories. ❤️
All that is required is that you purposely notice everything and everyone around you. I promise you’ll never run out of beauty to celebrate. 🙏
Just today I saw #smiles #frog #humblerice #fruitstand #jackfruit#frangipani #flowers #coconut #palmtrees #ceremony #pool #peace #blue#happiness
This is me on my scooter just living life awake. 😍
I don’t want to miss a thing! ❤️

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