Starting and sustaining a #meditation practice is one of the key Happiness Prescriptions I follow everyday. It’s the heart of my teachings.
1. Sit down
2. Stop moving
3. Repeat every day.
The actual sitting down and just being with yourself is where most people stop. They believe there is some right or wrong way to be still. Truthfully, that’s just your ego’s way of trying to tell you you’re no good at it before you even started. The ego also loves to try and tell you that you’ll do it wrong.
☮️ Do not listen, drop that story!
This is why it’s called a meditation #practice. There’s no need to be perfect in your practice. We all have good days and bad days. It’s the same with meditation. You will have great experiences and seemingly not so great ones.
I’d love to inspire you to TRY #meditation ❤️
Join me #AlchemyofYoga Founder Silvia Mordini, Life Inspired Happiness Coach and #meditationteacher.
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