It was more than fifteen years ago I first heard this term in #yoga “playing the edge.” It was then I learned from @EricSchiffmann the difference between the soft edge and the hard edge.
At the time, as a corporate Road Warrior addicted to the Adrenalin of working for start up companies, I only knew the hard edge or beyond. It was work hard and play hard and then work harder. Even once I slowed down by going to #pricewaterhousecoopers my weekly time sheets were still 76 hours.
I literally lived life Over the Edge.
Everything I did was over the top.
Even decorating home for the holidays.
The #yoga helped but what really changed things was #meditation. It brought me balance.
I love playing the edge but not going over it. ❤️
Lens wearing all @aloyoga Alo Moves #ubud #bali #pigeon#ekapadarajakapotasana #tegenunungan #waterfall

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