Slow Down

Ask yourself, what would taking really good care of myself look like today?
#HappinessRx: Your soul talks to you every day, but if you’re too busy, you can’t hear what it’s trying to say.

Listen closely and try these 5 tips to love your life more.
1. Slow down.
2. Practice taking 5 deep breaths right now.
3. Hold a glass of water in both your hands until the water becomes perfectly still. Then drink the water imagining it’s filling your body with stillness and peace.
4. Practice savasana. Only savasana as your yoga today.
5. Meditate on love. Saying to yourself slowly “I love myself, I am love, I am loved.”
Instead of choosing with your mind, try SOULECTING select with your soul.
Your soul always has you on easy speed. It wants you to be present and live #mindfullyinlove 💕

It’s easy to ignore the signs of going too fast. The sleeplessness can be pushed aside, at least for a while. The increasing anxiety remedied by numbing out or ignoring it seems to work for bit, until it doesn’t. The aches and pains, waking up and feeling worried already. These are no normal ways to experience life. These are your body’s way of saying SLOW DOWN. All we have to do is pay attention.

Get off the treadmill and get back on the natural pace of life. Relearn how to relax and just be with what is happening around you without needing it to go faster. You’ll find out it’s the remedy to love yourself, love your day and love your life!

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