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3 Problems with People-Pleasing (and How to Stop People-Pleasing)

Are you a people pleaser?

💚Here are 3 Problems with People-Pleasing (and How to Stop People-Pleasing)

After four decades trying to please everyone, always focused on their needs first, I lost track of my own desires.

This stemmed from the mindset that I didn’t think I deserved more. I didn’t realize it but people-pleasing took a toll on my self worth.

It’s taken effort to prioritize my happiness and understand that with zero investment into my desires & joy my Happiness ROI is not growing

People-pleasing can cause you to “lose yourself” when you try to please and appease others.

❇️Here are 3️⃣ problems with people-pleasing.

Problem #1: It’s impossible to please everyone
You have created an impossible situation for yourself. Trying to please everyone means always complying, never complaining or disagreeing.

Problem #2: You lose yourself
You lose sight of your own values, goals, and personality. It means you never stand up for what you believe in or go after your own dreams. You lose your identity. Your true self gets buried when you become a people-pleaser.

Problem #3: Your worth is tied to pleasing others
You’ve come to believe that you have to please others or they’ll reject, leave, or belittle you. You have created a situation where you feel unworthy or unlovable when you don’t please others.

What results is you are so busy meeting everyone else’s needs that your needs come last (or not at all). You may try to numb them or pretend you don’t have any needs, but this doesn’t work.

We all have needs and wants.

And it’s easy to be one resentful when your needs aren’t met.

✅ Here’s #1 thing to do to stop people-pleasing: Get healthy support for your anxiety. People-pleasing is an unhealthy way of managing your anxiety.

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