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4 Ways to Decolonize Yoga Teacher Training

Reality is that Yoga as part of Wellness is historically white centered, patriarchal, affluent, misogynist, sexist, ableist, ageist and not inclusive. I’ve spent twenty years trying to change this. Here are 4 key areas to dive into to help decolonize yoga teacher trainings.

1 is this training accessible?

2 does it recognize privilege

3 how do you get certified?

4 is the teaching style authoritarian

Not all Yoga Teacher Trainings are created equally.
You know that right?

Truth is differences in yoga are deemed dangerous.

It’s a miracle that I have existed in the yoga world because it denies my right to be here at every turn.
Brown, immigrant, Latina, womxn, TBI survivor, PTSD trauma recovery are part of who I am. That’s really different than who you see on the cover of Yoga magazines or modeling clothing for the big brands. 💥

🤔 In choosing a Online Yoga Teacher Training whether you’re white or BIWOC think through if you want to be in a container that is re-traumatizing and limiting or not?
Read through slides to learn more…
🔻does this YTT welcome all abilities?
🔻Is it a 1 style fits all approach?
🔻does it respect a trauma sensitive way of learning & teaching?
🔻is it patriarchal based in one right way?
🔻Is languaging inclusive?
🔻Is it’s foundation white centered?
🔻does it promote cultural appropriation?
🔻is it made possible for those with less economic privilege thru payment plans and scholarships?
🔻does it respect differences in students?
🔻is your certification given short, strict time constraints?
🔻does this YTT add stress to your life?
🔻are you afraid you aren’t good enough to pass?
🔥is perfection expected?
🔥does it promote urgency?
🔥are you expected not to question what you’re being taught?
🔥is your personal experience (somatic and otherwise) honored?
🔥are you encouraged to give up your power?
🔻is discernment encouraged?
🔻are different learning styles respected?

What else would you add to this conversation?

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