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Heart Chakra Yoga Playlists

Name     Time      Album      Artist
1 Tibetan Singing Bowl 0:53 Playful Yoga Omkar
2 Solitary Being 3:06 Wellness Spa Hotel Relaxology
3 Flying 6:12 Flying Garth Stevenson
4 Solitary Being 6:20 The Asian Experience Maitreya
5 Desert Song 5:48 The Asian Experience Maitreya
6 Genesis 4:15 Visions Grimes
7 Loro 3:34 Pinback Pinback
8 This Is the Thing 4:32 Distance and Time Fink
9 May All Beings 6:22 Sounds of Tadasana EarthRise SoundSystem
10 Surrender 6:43 Lush Mechanique Jami Sieber
11 The Obvious 3:46 These Changing Skies Elephant Revival
12 Ong Namo (DJ Nartak & Five Sea… 4:59 Kundalini Remix – Yoga Mantras Snatam Kaur
13 Really Love 5:44 Black Messiah D’Angelo and The Vanguard
14 Om Zone 2.0 – X 4:49 In the Om Zone 2.0 Steven Halpern

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