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A Key to Success in These Challenging Times…

Ok, this one is counter-intuitive and takes some keen self-awareness. 

There are few things in life that we can control, but the one we can is the ability to harness the power of our minds and the spirit of our hearts to be excited about life. 

In all honesty, I work hard at staying inspired. 

And in these COVID times, harder than ever. 

But to keep calm, focused, and feeling great, I have one key mantra. 

⭐️Rest Before You Get Tired ⭐️

It takes something to slow down and regulate your energy, spirit, and body. 

It is usually too late by the time we realize we need to slow down. 

And then what comes up…
👉  Stress
👉  Upset
👉  Worry
👉  Sadness
👉  Frustration 
👉  And even anger 

Slowing down and resting means creating practices that support you to know yourself and put in place when things are getting too hectic and you are working too hard. 

Let me share my inspirations for resetting myself and managing my potent emotional bodies.

1. Self-love mantras towards myself & I say them to infuse everything I eat or drink every day. 
2. Observing my mind in meditation daily 
3. Breathwork first thing in the morning
4. Kundalini Sadhana daily kriyas for purification and to remove obstacles 
5. Silence. Quiet. 
6. Listening to inspirational podcasts 
7. Saying No more than I say Yes
8. Resting, napping, sleeping, savasana
9. Nature & ☀️ SUNshine
10. Movement. Yoga asana. Dancing. Lunges. Squats. Lifting weights. Running. Walking. Biking (just restarted). Embodied movement. 
11. Supplements. Ashwagandha. Triphala. Turmeric. Lion’s mane and other mushrooms, Maca, Magnesium, and more!
Even doing a couple of these things can dramatically shift your self-awareness and your ability to take care of yourself in pressurized times. 

Please take care of yourself. The world needs you strong. 

With loving kindness,
Silvia Mordini
Founder Alchemy of Yoga
20 Years of Training Yoga Leaders!

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