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A major story i held is dead

5:05pm Election Day Sunset. A major story I held is now DEAD.

The story goes like this, a racist, sexist, white supremacist, narcissist was elected last time because…

Not everybody voted.

If we could just get EVERYONE to vote then it’s impossible to have this same result ever again.

Apathy was the destroyer.

Simply not enough people cared to get out to vote.

Answer? Get out the VOTE.

Amplify by simply getting people to vote.

Humans care for other Humans, therefore if more people voted the result would be the candidate who most cares for and supports EQUAL Rights for all and democracy as a way of life.

**The problem isn’t voter apathy. The problem isn’t even all *Rump. The REAL ISSUE is that more voters = more votes to maintain power in the hands of the ruling class of oppressors.

#Truth: Racism is stronger than EVER in the United States.

The hate that fuels people is driving them more now than ever.

We are not moving forwards, we are actually going backwards..Even if 100% of eligible voters voted, it would still show 2 distinct halves of the NON United States.

1) those driven by hate and fear of those different than them.

2) those driven by love, respect and inclusivity

The illusion is DEAD. The sunset on what I used to believe…

United States Voting Percentages:

2008 57.1% voted

2012 54.9% voted

2016 59.2% voted

2020 66.9% voted.

“University of Florida political science professor Michael McDonald, who maintains the data project, said Wednesday morning that 160 million people voted in Tuesday’s election, for a turnout rate of 66.9 percent. McDonald said the turnout rate was the highest in 120 years, with a 73.7 percent turnout rate in 1900.”

**What if another fairytale we hold onto of a “United States” died too? And instead there were 2 countries here instead of one?

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