“What makes me interesting as a writer is that I’m married to happiness. Joy is my soul sister. Bliss is my spiritual brother. Love is our Mother.” – Silvia Mordini

The first words I heard were my Papa’s beautiful Italian. Next, was my Ecuadorian Grandmother cooing in Spanish, followed by proper English from my Mother. A trifecta!

The sound of different languages seemed like music. I always loved it and felt comfortable inside it, even if that didn’t make sense. Perhaps that’s why I don’t really get on that well with perfect people. I much prefer the ones who fit out and don’t always make sense. The ones who make up words and put them in disordered sequences.

The first time I knew I didn’t totally fit in was in High School, but you wouldn’t know it because I was popular. I did the right things, but really I just wanted to be with my books of poetry, practicing reading and singing aloud to myself, and dreaming of romance. This paradox of being an introverted extrovert might just be why I can sit and write for hours, often forgetting about food and water (unless you mention “Prosecco” or “sunset.” Then I really pay attention!)

When we moved to the USA from Ecuador, I remember taking speech classes because I couldn’t pronounce words properly. I rebelled quietly against this one size fits all approach and waited for the day when I could share my own words in my own way.

I’ve been writing publicly for 13 years. It began without any fanfare, I didn’t want attention (that introverted side of me), and yet here I was writing for everyone to judge. I could finally declare what I believe in: my Rebel Spirit Manifesto!

I don’t even pretend to try to fit in anymore. I honestly believe in spiritual happiness and writing from your soul. There are languages in your heart that no one else understands but you can interpret for them into words. Everyone has this magic, just like everyone can speak the language of lovingkindness, if it really mattered to them. We can all Teach Peace.

Perhaps the words I make up, press together in strange ways, pile in and space apart will inspire you to make up your own love language. By my raw example, I want you to engage in the always sacred, sometimes traumatic telling of your life story. The spiritual triumph is putting it out there in spite of your fear. And that will make all the difference.

Love yourself, love your day, love your life! Silvia