Break out of the box
LOVE Fiercely
Throw OUT the rules
Take a RISK
Respect yourSELF

There is no such thing as failure. Please trust this. You can’t really fail at anything. If you go up to bat and miss the ball, it’s not a big deal. There isn’t time to waste caught up in dualism defining win or lose. The truth is your effort produced a result, that’s it. This is just information. That experience informs our next choice or as Teitur says “all my mistakes have become masterpieces”; now act upon that result and try again.

This is why I love Meditation and Yoga because, 1) Anyone can do it and 2) You can’t do it wrong.

This is a big shift coming from a reformed perfectionist. This goes to show that mindfulness practices like meditation and yoga work to inspire a REBEL SPIRIT in all of us. They quiet our fear because through these practices the self-abuse of perfectionism diminishes.

In order to live from our hearts, mindfulness teaches us to face our fears: fear of failure, fear of being happier, fear of not having fear to blame, fear of being true to ourselves (the most advanced yoga pose of all). We start before we are ready in spite of our fear.

You’re probably asking, “How do I engage my REBEL SPIRIT?”

Simply lift your heart up and shift your mind down (give it a rest). Don’t think but feel. If we convince ourselves to decide only with our minds, then we will talk ourselves out of the best experiences of life. It certainly is possible to over-analyze any situation or decision all the way into procrastination or paralysis. However, if we let our heart consciousness take an active role, we become more decisive and present.

“Attend the birthing of the radiant light within you” – Vijnana Bhairava Tantra

I know this is scary. Feeling is always more vulnerable than thinking. But making decisions from the inside is the only way. Rumi says, “If you want to find the greatest treasure, don’t look outside, look within, and SEEK THAT.” We can collect opinions from others but they will always be only opinions. No one can decide for us what actions to take in our lives. We can try to give up our choices to others but this only leads to frustration. No one else knows our hearts the way we do, so know that it is ok to be afraid. Susan Jeffers writes, “Feel the fear and do it anyway!”

“We have something they can never take away: Its the Fire!

And No Water can put out this Fire!” – Bob Marley

So get started on your life now with a Rebel Spirit. “All glory comes from daring to begin.” (Eugene Ware) The key to raising your vibration to this level is to stop worrying about the outcome. Just try to be patient and trust that life keeps flowing and keep going up to bat! Don’t be afraid to dream your big, keep making new adventures believing today is the best day ever. “Dream like you will live forever, live like you might die today.” (James Dean)

Keep flowing! And remember on the mat and off: “It is you who must raise your sails – the winds of grace are blowing.” (Tagore) May this website inspire you to find your own Rebel Spirit so you love yourself, love your day, love your life! All my love ~Silvia

“I want to free what waits within me so that it flows from me like a river, no forcing, no holding back.” – Rilke



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