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Air Alchemy Yoga Playlist

Philosophical Theme: Grace in Transitions
Name      Time      Album      Artist
1 Window 3:44 In a Safe Place The Album Leaf
2 Night 5:55 Midival Punditz Midival Punditz
3 Caravan Dream (feat. Go Ray & D… 6:40 Rock Beats Paper EarthRise SoundSystem
4 Mystery of Life 5:35 Endangered Species Nickodemus
5 The Maha Mantra (Reggae Style) 9:05 Sounds of Beloved Festival 2012 C.C. White
6 Track 11 4:30 De Paso Resto – Puerto Viejo Keiner+Carl
7 May All Beings 6:22 Sounds of Tadasana EarthRise SoundSystem
8 Deep Forest 5:34 Deep Forest
9 Wandering 6:59 Tanguru Ayub Ogada & Union Nowhere
10 The Obvious 3:46 These Changing Skies Elephant Revival
11 Bodhisattva 4:02 While You Were Sleeping José James
12 White Tara (Anusara Mix) 6:46 Arcana Jef Stott
13 Same Sun 5:47 Grains (Bonus Track Version) Boozoo Bajou
14 Fading Blues 4:29 Moving On Hird
15 Revathi Mystical Power 8:32 Classical Indian Flute – Featuring… Music for Deep Meditation
16 An Ending (Ascent) 4:17 28 Days Later (The Soundtrack Al… Brian Eno

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Through all of this I learned something profound; the power of resiliency can be taught and even making a 5% change can change the future dramatically.

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