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an open letter to kamala harris

Dear Kamala Harris,

Happiest congratulations to being elected our next Vice President‼️I want you to know…

⭐️ Your life inspires the little girl inside of me that has one parent from one country and another parent from another country and came to live in a third country, the United States.

I never saw someone in the public eye who comes from two immigrant cultures like you do. Like I do too. ✨

It fills me with hope for what I might accomplish. If you can be VP of the USA I too can aspire to do bigger things with my life. .Most of all I love that you’re joyful! 😊

It’s been 4 years since I saw leadership in the White House look happy or even smile.

Life gives us constant stream of serious challenges so it’s refreshing to see the grace you have in managing the tough times without becoming hard. .I’m delighted to see you laugh and smile instead of wearing only a hard exterior to succeed in a white male dominated country.

I especially feel happy when I see you dance.

It reminds me that in addition to your tremendous accomplishments as a WOC you are human like me, but a much better dancer than I am. 🎶🎶

Truth is when you dance it feels like empathy.🦋

And one of my all time favorite things about you is you’re a #converselover like me. It’s a small thing, but it’s the small things that really make a difference.

You see I haven’t had anything in common with White House leadership these last four years. Not even things like empathy, kindness, integrity.

I definitely feel fortunate to get to know you better these next four years and beyond. I look forward to learning from you.

And I hope to meet you at your Inauguration Party in January! My Mom is coming too. 💕

With joy in my heart,

Catalina Silvia Mordini (a Brown girl and immigrant)

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