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Are you having an Identity Crisis?

Are you having an Identity Crisis?

➡️ How do you know?

Well, if you are questioning your place in the world and who you are, including your:

–life purpose
–core beliefs
–thoughts that create your perception of self
–your sense of belonging
–where you fit into the world

Then all of these are textbook definitions of an identity crisis.

The concept of identity crisis originates from the works of psychologist Erik Erikson.

Truth is we all want to belong and have a sense of safety and find our people.

We want our people to know who we are, and we want to know who we are.

But at different points in our lives we begin to question everything.

Common signs you might be experiencing an identity crisis include:
–asking yourself who you are, where you fit, or where you belong
–wondering often whether you’ve made the right choices until now and are living up to your potential, when you’ve always felt confident before.

That’s why now is the perfect time to reconnect to your Purpose.

From these 5 days you will uplevel your purpose confidently leading yourself towards your new life.

I’d love to watch your transformation. This is your time to become empowered as your authentic self.

With gratitude and peace to you all,
Silvia Mordini, Resiliency Teacher, Intuitive Life Coach
Founder LIFE Inspired

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