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Are you having racing thoughts?

Is your answer YES to any of these questions? ⁣

  1. Are you in survival mode racing around in fight or flight response all day?⁣
  2. Are you sick and tired of feeling anxious and overwhelmed?⁣
  3. Is peace what you crave most in year ⁣2 of a worldwide pandemic?⁣
  4. Do you have racing thoughts? ⁣
    What are racing thoughts? ⁣
    Racing thoughts are consistent, persistent, often intrusive thoughts that come in rapid succession. These thoughts are difficult to shut down and can impede focus and concentration, prevent sleep, and impact your daily life, happiness and peace of mind.⁣
    How are racing thoughts different than regular thoughts? ⁣
    –Cannot be turned off or controlled. Rather, it feels like they control you.⁣
    –Disrupt your ability to focus on other important tasks.⁣
    –Interrupt emotional connection in relationships.⁣
    –Tend to spiral downward in contemplating worst-case scenarios or bring a sense of impending worry or doom with them.⁣
    Racing thoughts can be powerful and overwhelming and feed anxiety.⁣
    That’s why I designed a 5 Step Program to help you move from Racing to Pacing to PEACE.⁣
    Simply make the commitment to 21 days (enough to create a new habit), and you’ll feel like your best self again.⁣
    Sign up to get started today!⁣
    Love yourself, love your day, love your life,⁣
    Silvia Mordini, Dharma Coach, Mindfulness Teacher⁣

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