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Are you ready for a change in style?

At any point during the last two years of the pandemic did you notice your style took a back seat?

Were there months early on that you wore the same outfit every day?

For so many of us, dressing up to the office routine stopped and never started back up. We are working from home in record numbers and the emphasis on keeping up with trends also stopped.

With supply chain cut off for many clothing companies, major retailers went out of business and others had empty shopping floors of very little merchandise.

For all these reasons and more, this is a great time to audit your closet.

  1. Go through to find those things you haven’t worn for a year or longer and set them aside.
  2. Try on your favorite outfits, take photos of each one, and see what they have in common.
  3. Assess what changes in your personal style are fitting to make based on the way you’re now living your life.

Another part of life that has changed immensely is planning shopping days with our friends. Maybe you haven’t done that for years now! I know I haven’t.

So with the clothes you set aside set up a Tea Party Clothing Swap with your friends.

No one has seen much of anybody or what they’re wearing so it’s all new and why not stay eco minded and instead of buying more, share and trade what you already have.

Use this as an opportunity to bring your community together and do good for the planet.

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