Say goodbye to anxiety and welcome the promise of a happier, healthier you.


Resiliency Teacher,
Intuitive Guide,
Writer, &
Latina Entrepreneur

Silvia Mordini’s living story is a fresh path through recovery to loving renewal, and it serves as both a cautionary tale and visionary guide. Her vivid moments include the personal traumas shared by so many modern women as well as the healing it requires.

Catalina Silvia Mordini yoga

Judge by the cover, and Silvia Mordini’s life is the female American success story.

From top corporate accolades to “wellness entrepreneur” and self-made millionaire before thirty years old. Internationally recognized, widely published, and the very image of timeless beauty and health, she manifests success and a life to be envied, but like a vivid kaleidoscope, brokenness hides within.

Her color shines through her international heritage. Born in Ecuador, with proud Italian roots, including family from Brazil, Puerto Rico, and the Philippines. After immigrating to the states as a child, she mastered English as a third language, adding music as an all-encompassing fourth.


"You will learn ways to heal thyself."


Chapter 1
Immigrant story

The immigrant work ethic drives her success, ingrained to believe that working ten times harder is the baseline. Doors unopened, and without a seat at the Wellness table, she had to build a table herself. This is why she is committed to making success easier for other women without cultural advantages.

Chapter 2
Loss of identity

The most painful part of her story was a loss of identity. This first occurred hiding her cultural identity to fit in, followed by losing herself in an abusive marriage. Hiding became so second nature that she felt like her insides no longer matched her outsides.

Conditioned to believe that her authentic identity wasn’t good enough, Silvia learned to excel as a white-passing Latina. Under constant pressure of being found out, throughout her career, she was rewarded and promoted for her “high-functioning anxiety.”

It took decades for her to unlearn self-abandonment and regain authority to live an authentic life.

Chapter 3
No top of the mountain to healing

With a past filled with trauma, she admits “her wounds have wounds.” With the wisdom of a personal healing journey that took her all over the world working with shamans from Bali to Hawaii, Silvia teaches others there’s no need to wait to be fully healed to start living fully. Simply getting a little bit better—even just 5%, will make life a whole lot easier.

Silvia knows it’s possible to transform trauma to triumph, transmute wounds to wisdom, and obstacles to opportunities. And she’s dedicated to helping others do the same and ensures you believe it’s possible for you, too.

Along the way, resiliency became Silvia’s lifelong superpower.

She slayed PTSD, anxiety, and agoraphobia by using holistic cures and modalities—a plant-based diet, meditation, mantra, shamanic ceremonies, plant medicine and yoga.

Silvia learned to partner with her nervous system (which believed everything was unsafe) until she felt secure enough to be happy.

Her life is a miracle

Silvia believes in life after trauma and wants to inspire you to love yourself, love your day, and love your life!