Sleep is the Best Meditation by Silvia Mordini

An estimated 70 million U.S. adults suffer from chronic sleep problems according to the CDC.

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Weight gain
High blood pressure
Impaired immune system
Attention deficit disorder (ADD)

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Meditate and Lessen the Drama by Silvia Mordini


By taking charge and freeing myself of that which causes anxiety or compulsiveness, the steady, stable place of peace within is revealed. In my practice, I remember that place of peace, which is right here, always, while life circumstances continually change. As I move out into the world from this peace, my choices become thoughtful responses, rather than harmful emotional reactions.

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Meditation – Distraction vs Disturbance by Silvia Mordini

We live in an increasingly chaotic world where everything is sped up and super-sized.

We are constantly being stimulated by the immediacy of technology. We are distracted thousands of times a day externally and a million more times internally. It’s not getting any easier; technology has made it harder for us to focus. There is now almost nowhere you can go where someone can’t reach you with something urgent and important (at least to them.)

However, this being said, distraction is not the problem.

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Meditation – The Most Accessible Way to Know Thyself by Silvia Mordini

“In order to change, we have to change something. When you look at what you want for your life’s direction, you may find that something has to change from the way you’ve been living. By consciously understanding which habits no longer serve you, then you are able to realize your best transformation. This is the basis of why meditation serves your best health. It renews your awareness of what you’re doing and not doing.

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Recapitulation – Clearing Your Mental Clutter by Silvia Mordini

My first experience of recapitulation was going to confession after I made first communion. I enjoyed the process of going to a priest and telling him what was bothering me so he could absolve me of my pain. The spiritual placebo effect of letting go made me feel lighter and less burdened. Whether you use the process described below or any other spiritual practice, we all benefit from creating a new pattern for our mind. And as our mind grows calm, our hearts feel safer to expand into new beginnings. –

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Cleansing Is Spiritual by Silvia Mordini


For many years, I have seen how my yoga practice moves me back to a mindful, centered perspective. If I stop practicing yoga, I become off-center like a scale no longer able to calibrate to zero. The asana practice resets me back to a balanced point. When I am balanced, I make more mindful decisions. This relates to what I do, say, think, and even the food I choose to eat.

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Full Blood Moon and Libra Lunar Eclipse

Full Moons like April 4, 2015 are a time of letting go. According to expert Jordan Danae Macbeth of Be Yoga World, “This Full Moon is known as the third of four “Blood Moons.” Also known as “The Four Horsemen” and a “Tetrad,” this is an extraordinary event that takes place every 500 years or so. According to history, every time this has occurred has been a time of HUGE change and tragedy followed by a HUGE triumph.

In addition, today is also a Lunar Eclipse. This eclipse is a powerful time to wipe our slates clean. Think of this as the ultimate cleanse!

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The Essence of Great Teaching: Yoga Heroes

We often hear negative comments about teachers in the news. However, let us remember there are many great teachers who make a real difference. These teachers are our yoga heroes.

For great teachers, teaching yoga is the expression of their dharma based on their core values. This service is in answer to the question “Why am I here?” These heroes amongst us have shared competencies.

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Bali Kids Karma Yoga

What is Yogapreneurship? by Silvia Mordini

Yogapreneurship means creating a yoga business you love that is sustainable, inspiring, and profitable through aligning your personal, spiritual, and business goals.

Yogapreneurship is for the socially conscious business yogi who is continuously evolving ……

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What to Look for in a Quality Yoga Retreat

With the plethora of choices you have in yoga retreats, how do you know you are booking a quality yoga retreat? How can you ensure that your next trip exceeds your expectations? Below are 10 key components that you’ll find in common with any quality retreat. Most importantly, when booking your yoga vacation, be sure to do your homework and ask plenty of questions.

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