The Practical Mystic Saul David Raye by Silvia Mordini

India harmonium lg fileSaul David Raye is one of our teachers sent to fulfill his dharma by inspiring us to make love our guru. He shows us practical (ordinary) ways to strengthen our hearts through Bhakti practice. Bhakti is the path of love; it is the heart of yoga. In the core teachings of yoga, it is said that without bhakti, without devotion, without deep love, true knowledge and awakening are not possible. Saul is a leader of Bhakti through his Heart Medicine teachings.

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Being Spiritually Ordinary Mantra Magazine by Silvia Mordini

My yoga practice has become simpler, less exotic, and deeper. It is more meditative and solitary. IMG_1142This makes me more attentive to the extraordinary, quiet moments of the ordinary in daily life. Consequently, the big things fail to impress me.

I’ve come to realize that the type of life I want is one where I am responsible for my spiritual happiness. I don’t need flashy things to make me realize the depth of spirituality or aha enlightenment. I actually prefer ordinary happiness. Instead of an expensive dinner at a restaurant, I’d prefer to cook at home, enjoy a beautiful Tuscan wine, have friends over, watch the sunset over Puget Sound, ride a bike, be in nature. The simple things bring me small enlightenments that add up.

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