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closing a chapter to welcome a new one

Florida to California. First Flight over 200 days‼️

Wow I’m out of practice traveling. And truth be told I’m nervous. I’ve spent over 200 days without direct human contact. Until my mom came this past week. I’ve followed all protocols to keep risk low. So getting on a plane today cross country and staying in a hotel is the biggest risk I’ve taken all year.

Why did I just fly across the country during the pandemic? Because for me, one of the lessons of 2020 is to tie up all loose ends, close accounts where need be, put closure where it’s necessary and generally let go to make space for new beginnings, and new ways.

Life is change.

But holding on to the past puts a lot of drag on the present moment.

1. After years of my home in storage in #Seattle I shipped it all to #stpetersburgflorida where I started living upon returning from teaching in Bali March 27, 2020.

✅ I unpacked my PacNW life.

2. I also had my #SantaCruz California life in storage in San Jose where I’ve been the last two days sorting thru my special things.

✅ Wow I loved so much of my life here 💚 My first time to the Bay Area was when I worked for #pricewaterhousecoopers PwC. Flying into San Francisco I fell in love. My heart had immediate resonance. Driving over the mountains to SanJose on to Monterrey and Big Sur was magic. I’ve felt that being here again.

It’s been 9 months of going down memory lane giving thanks for the many lessons. Shadow and Light.

Facing old ghosts and letting go of some beautiful dreams. .Making space for a new life & new dreams. 💕.🦋 I’m forever transforming by letting old ways go and growing new wings.

I’m so happy I’m here to solidify where I want to live in 2021.

What I know is that no matter what the outcome is of the election or the pandemic Life is Not hold.

So I better get on with it.

Thank you for your patience as I transmuted the past so I can give even more of myself to the present. .My future self feels like it’s cheering for me!

☀️ written sitting on the ground in front of my storage unit with the sun shining down on me wearing my favorite hat. 😊

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