Soulful Decorating


Create sacred space guided by spiritual principles to align with supporting your soul and living a heart centered life.
– Create a purposeful sanctuary
– Create a mindful sanctuary
A place to recharge and plug back into your core values.


Green principles
Learn how to chakrafy your home.
Positive psychology
Aromatherapy principles
Color Consciousness
Eco products bought from nonprofits that support women and children


Provide nontraditional option to soulful home owners.


Yogis, Seekers, Soul Riders, Spiritual People

How to Create a Home Altar:

You don’t need a lot of room or fancy directions to follow. An altar is simply a place you’ve designated to hold sacred space for your key intentions. You set it up with objects (stones, crystals, shells, statues, jewelry, candles) and the power of what you wish to honor and manifest in your life.

Consider the Alchemy of Elements you want included: Fire (candle); stones or pick flowers or collect pine cones (earth); a cup of water or shells, Air something that represents breathing or sound.


  1. Create an Altar Mat by drawing or coloring mandalas or anything that comes to heart on a piece of paper that fits the area. Or sew a special cloth mat that designates the special space.
  2. Organize the objects that represent what you want to attract into your life in way that makes most sense to your heart.
  3. Write out your Intentions and place on your altar. Review them daily.
  4. Use your altar to charge your Mala beads when you’re not wearing them.
  5. Take a photo of your altar to keep on your smart phone.

Most important of all, spend time at this sweet spot each day. Make a daily ritual where you press pause and sit quietly to meditate, pray or contemplate what you’re grateful for and what you’re invoking for greater happiness.