1. Alchemy 2017 New Year Workbook Manifesting Happiness
Download PDF here how to do an Lifestyle inventory of your past year, see its lessons and make way for manifesting your best year ever!

2. Alchemy of Soul: New Moon Intention Booklet
Download PDF here how to harness the power of the new moon to manifest intention.

3. Alchemy of Prosperity: 21 Days of Abundance Booklet
Download PDF here to raise your positive vibration and attract Abundance into your life like never before.

4. How to Grow Your Happy: Manifesting Happiness Guidebook
Download PDF here Happy people don’t get that way by accident. Here’s how they do it.

5. Vinyasa 101 Foundational Yoga Flow
Download PDF here. Ever wonder who to ask to get more familiar with the why and the how of vinyasa  flow yoga? Here’s everything you need to know and more!

6. Chakra Mantras as Prescription for Happiness
Download PDF here the antidotes through the transformational map of the chakras to what blocks your happiness.

7. Alchemy of Yoga: 50 Favorite Inspirational Yoga Quotes of All Time
Download PDF here. Are you a teacher looking for handy inspiration for your classes? Also perfect for the curious student of yoga looking for inspiration for contemplation.

8. Alchemy of Love: Attracting Your Soul Mate
Download PDF here. Coming soon!

9. Alchemy of Life: Positive Psychology Workbook
Download PDF here. Coming soon!

10. Alchemy of Happiness: Elemental Medicine
Download PDF here. Coming soon!

Alchemy of Dharma Coaching Program

Download PDF Alchemy of Dharma Coaching Program how to work more closely together. Email me to set up an appointment






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