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Crystal guide 101

Crystals are believed to give off energy that you can bring into your life. This energy of each stone can affect your chakras in different ways because both chakras and crystals are influenced by color.

If you choose the crystal correctly, the energy that each stone gives off can heal, balance, and open any specific chakra..Try placing crystals in your room, on your desk, or incorporating them into your meditation to give your chakras the needed boost.

Another option is to lay down on the ground and place a corresponding crystal to each of your seven chakras, or the chakra that needs balancing.

By doing this, you can open your mind to the energy the crystal is giving off, absorbing the energy, and merging it with your own inner energy..By turning your energy inward to this chakra, you may be able to figure out the disturbance or imbalance that is being created.

Simply seeing and absorbing the color associated with the chakra you are trying to open can help heal and balance the chakra that is misaligned.

Surrounding yourself with red objects, such as crystals, can help add energy to open the root chakra. Imagine the color red coming into your body, and into your root chakra and healing all of the negativity stored there.

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