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Do you feel like you’re not the same person as you were a year ago?

Are you not the same person you were a year ago? I get that.

A lot has happened.

It’s not unusual at different points in our lives to not feel congruent with how we’re living, what we’re feeling, the status of our relationships we have, or the job we have.

That’s completely normal.

That’s why it’s important to step back, RESET and dive deeper into excavating what your true Purpose is today. Because here’s the thing, it can change, it doesn’t just stay the same the whole of your life.

That’s why this is the perfect opportunity to join my challenge August 22-26, 2022 and for those 5 days really dive into your Purpose and discover what feels good to you, and how you want to feel and how you want to live.

If you’re not feeling like the same person, good for you!

You’re NOT the same person.

Let’s update your Purpose so you feel more in alignment with your desires, needs and non-negotiables that are coming through your soul.

Join me!

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Hi love, I’m Silvia!

I’m a specialist in starting over. 

Trauma revealed truths that took me to some faraway places for healing and wisdom. In Bali, South America, New Zealand, Australia, Laos, Hawaii and Malaysia, I soaked it up, took bold actions, and expanded what was possible for me.

Through all of this I learned something profound; the power of resiliency can be taught and even making a 5% change can change the future dramatically.

Now I teach women like you to access the power within you to change your life, celebrate your genius and start over to create any life you dare to dream.