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Do you know why your anxiety has increased?

Are you struggling with Purpose Anxiety? Is that why your anxiety has increased?

A recently coined term goes some way to help us understand the conflicting feeling of knowing we should pursue a purpose but having no idea what that purpose is: Purpose Anxiety.

Answering the question is about more than knowing what you want to do for work. Research has shown a link between having a strong sense of purpose that you’re committed to and greater feelings of self-worth, meaning in life, and positive emotions.

✅ Purpose anxiety can be experienced at two different stages:

1️⃣While struggling to discover what your purpose might be.

2️⃣While attempting to actively ‘live’ your purpose.
Feeling anxious about finding your purpose isn’t uncommon.

❇️ Read my blog for where purpose anxiety can show up in your life and what it looks like.

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