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Ease into monday with some zen time

Ease into Monday like this…
And ease back into your Yoga practice.
Truth is if you’ve not been practicing yoga ,you won’t be able to step back in the exact same place.

That’s ok.
Take it easy getting your yoga groove back.

Don’t expand too far too fast because I want you to stay safe.

And if the main barrier to going back to Yoga is fear of how “hard” it will be or the reality you’ll have to build your strength back that’s ok.

Not doing yoga is not the long term answer to getting strong and flexible.

My classes are designed to build your Yoga Confidence and help you calmly build back strength and body awareness while having fun doing so. 🙂

If you want support to get back to your mat join #25DaysofZen from anywhere in the world 🌏 ⁣Play the course on demand. It’s guaranteed to work with your schedule!

NEW FOR 2021: When you sign up you’ll receive 1 short daily email with the link to that day’s Yoga class, affirmations and journaling prompts to keep you motivated for 25 days.

To learn more click here alchemy-of-yoga.teachable.com/p/december-25-days-of-zen

💚 Cost: ⁣⁣$25 USD for 25 Days of Zen Program⁣

What do you receive immediately? ⁣
–25 Audio Meditations (250 minutes!)⁣
–25 Yoga Classes ⁣
–25 Days of Daily Journaling Prompts (over 250!!) ⁣
–25 days of a List of Affirmations to help (Over 250!!!)
⁣–Included extra bonuses too!!

✅ I want this program to be here for you, to help you find and maintain your zen in heart and mind no matter what is going on around you in 2021. ❣️

This #25DaysofZen is “almost” FREE.✨.$1.00 per day for an entire on demand program you have lifetime access to.

Clicking doesn’t mean you’re buying the program – this first just shows you what’s included with some free sections to try out.

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