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election day self-care

For Election Day self-care I went to the ocean this afternoon to watch the sunset. I stayed off of all media and prayed for a return to sanity, intelligence, empathy, and basic humanity. ☮️

When I got back online I saw a lot of “be kind, no matter who wins, we are all still friends, let’s hug and high five” posts. It felt like a smack in the face how little white people realize this is total privilege to say.

🤔 Tomorrow when someone with white privilege wakes up you know what will have changed no matter who is elected? NOTHING. 👈🏽

For them, not a single thing.

But here are a couple friendly reminders:

(1) We can disagree on many things, but not racism, not sexism, not the safety and rights of oppressed groups, not LGBTQ job descrimination. You don’t get to disagree on the fundamentals of human rights.” 🔥

(2) This is not like deciding you like the Lakers and I want the Bulls to win the NBA playoffs and afterwards we’ll have a beer together NBD. This is a life changing decision that impacts the daily lives of BIPOC and marginalized Americans.

✅ Please check your privilege and think about what you are posting, be a good ally, be a GOOD HUMAN.

And remember your vote could very likely have hurt the lives of millions now and for generations.

All while the results of this election don’t impact your routine whatsoever.

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