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even mermaids need to rest

My solar return is in 3 days.

I had planned on taking ALL of JULY off to celebrate my birthday living in Florence, Italy as I do each Summer.

My days filled with my favorite things long meditation filled morning living in a 500 year old apartment with original frescoes on the walls and ceiling. Walking to yoga at @italiapoweryoga followed by expresso at favorite stand up cafe, slow walk home, stopping into vintage stores on the way.

Making a beautiful breakfast of fresh vegetables that taste like love from the Tuscan sun.

Writing – working on finishing one of my books as a I look out the window at the beautiful world.

Going on long discovery walk around the city. Always a new museum to experience.

Meeting friends for coffee.

Going home to nap.

Writing more.

Taking another yoga class.

Changing clothes for aperitivo on way home, chatting with locals who I’ve known for 10 years living here each Summer.

People watching as I get a gelato and walk along the River Arno checking out the sales in favorite clothing stores amidst the tourists who I love.

Making a lovely dinner with fresh pasta I just bought and falling asleep in my princess bed.

Dreaming of meeting my soulfully beautiful beloved King tomorrow.

Instead, I’ve been working too hard, too many hours, need to take 1 day off.

Happy Sunday from my mermaid heart to yours!

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