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Fairytales of Love, Light and Unicorns

I am not only made of love and light.
As much as I wish the fairytale of riding in on a magical unicorn to exist, it’s only partly true.
I am a diamond, created in part in the darkness by extreme pressure and cruelty.
Today’s lightness of being came at a cost. “No mud, no lotus*” couldn’t be more the reality.
silvia headshot-1090205Yesterday, January 1, 2015, a year ago today, I opened my home and heart to friends who would then go on to lie to me, cheat on me, cheat me, betray me, steal from me. It took all of that to realize they are NOT my tribe. Spiritual bypassing had me in this constant undiscerning state of forgiving thereby allowing more hurt to occur. And one thing is for certain, hurt people – hurt people.
So this year I spent yesterday, January 1, 2016 in the home of my Mama. The energy of MA, of nurturance, support, safety, loyalty, honesty. She is my protectress the original Kali that gave birth to me in this human form, the ultimate mother warrior and space holder. She is all of the goddesses put together. And she is fierce, and loving combined together.
Hear this: Just because I’m spiritual doesn’t mean you can use me or abuse me.
I will no longer tolerate black magic. If you are addicted to your darkness I cannot help you. I will separate myself from you physically, energetically, emotionally in this and any next life. I value my Spiritual Happiness over yours and in order to do good in this world I have to keep myself strong.
I love myself first.
This is my space.
Then if you have even a 1% desire to step into the light of love I will do all I can to help you heal. It is my dharma.
Love has boundaries. I am clear on mine.
Are your Love Boundaries clear too? If not, use my life as a warning, short cut the pressure of pain.
You are already a diamond, life doesn’t require you to stay in the dark.
The fairytale is partly true. If you set clear your intention for what your tribe looks like and how they treat you they will be easier to find. Accept no limitations. No pretenders or posers need apply to your life. And above all, stop apologizing for your high standards.
Make sure the unicorn you’re riding is going in the direction of high integrity people. Or better yet, they are along side you enjoying the ride.
How to Set Love Boundaries:
– Be in right relationship with yourself
– Stay committed to your most radiant mental, physical and emotional health
– Do the practices that keep you spiritually connected to source
– Create mutually positive relationships.
*Check in with your inner child. How does this person make the child within you feel?
*Check in with your highest self. Is this person intimidated by your greatness & light?
*Trust any voice, gut feel or spider sense that says I’m in danger. (Danger signs include does this person exhibit jealousy, social comparison, apathy, passive aggression?)
*Grow up and learn to confidently divorce, edit out those that don’t raise your vibration.
*Respect yourself and demand loyalty, honesty and generosity.
– Learn to be comfortable with being alone.
– Stay true to your svadharma it will keep you energized.
– Know what your key values are and how to live by them
– Commit to a Kindness Campaign towards yourself. Let it last forever.
– Stay in your integrity by writing a “promise” letter to yourself to know what this means to you.
Do not remain complacent or make excuses for others behavior. They are responsible for themselves as you are for yourself. There are after all enough magical unicorns to go around.
Love yourself, love your day, love your life!
2560 1283
*Thich Nhat Hanh author, “No mud, no lotus.”

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