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Ganesha remover of obstacles

One of my favorite archetypes to invoke is Ganesha who represents new beginnings, learning and growth and is considered the remover of obstacles.

Ganesha Mudra

Bring your hands together at your heart palms touching. Then swivel your hands so that your fingertips point toward opposite elbows, with your right palm facing your heart. Squeeze your fingers closed into a locked position. Recite Ganesha mantra or let it play in the background. Or focus on pulling your hands apart on the inhale, releasing the effort on the exhale.

Ganesha Mantra


In the simplest sense, mantras are ancient Sanskrit words of power. Each syllable of a mantra resonates a certain vibration. Mantras are used in meditation, to focus the mind, but they are also used to invoke the blessing of an archetype or energy. What is happening when you repeat a mantra over and over, is that you are matching your own vibrational frequency to that of the mantra and its purpose.

When we chant to Ganesha we are asking for a blessing that obstacles be removed from our lives and opening up new opportunities. One method I’ve had shared with me is simply to speak to Him in HIS right ear all of your concerns, worries, and needs. Know that as you speak he is hearing you and that you are making a connection with him.

That’s it! It’s that easy. When you have done this once, it is said that you will then have a permanent and ongoing relationship and connection with Ganesha. Speak to Him anytime you wish, as many times as you wish. It does not have to be a formal meditation. Take a moment in your day, if you feel the need, close your eyes and speak to Him.

Ganesha Representations

Root Chakra

Stone Tiger’s Eye

Elephant head is a symbol of strength and power

Large ears show that he listens to those who ask for help from him

Small mouth indicates that he listens more and talks less.

Small eyes for concentrating and one-pointed focus

Large stomach represents he is able to consume and digest all the good and bad in life

Find this Ganesha Inspired Playlist on my Spotify here below:

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