Say goodbye to anxiety and welcome the promise of a happier, healthier you.

Hi GenX Sisters,
I’m reaching out for a kind favor of 10 minutes of your time.

I’d love to chat with you old school style, on the phone. No zoom. Just girl talk. 😊

About what?
➡️ What challenges you’re facing.
➡️ How do you see yourself still growing and evolving?

I know the last couple years have been difficult for everyone.

However as a #generationx woman living thru such uncertainty in the world while navigating hormonal changes internally seemed really unfair.

It’s like when I discovered as I aged I could get wrinkles AND acne at the same time. Ugh! Totally unfair.

As we get older 2-3 years in our lives feels like immensely valuable real estate as compared to when we were 20 years old.

Your time would be appreciated with a gift of my reset to radiance on demand course.

Your help would go far in helping me refine my newest course.

And let’s keep this no hassle. Just text or call me when you have 10 minutes at +1-206-886-5743.

No appointment needed. Let’s take it back before we had to learn fifteen apps or software to schedule ourselves.

🤔 Do you remember that?

When life was more simple.

Here’s the truth I know my struggles but I really want to know yours.

Call me. 😊

Thank you Sis,
Silvia ❤️

— if you even have five minutes to leave a voicemail that’s cool.

— Or if you prefer to write me an email I’d love that too! silvia@alchemytours.com

(Hey did you see me just go all GenX in giving you a back up and a back up to the back up? Haha!)