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Good-bye 2020 letter

Dear 2020, Good-bye.

I am thankful for all the doors that were closed to me this year because it opened my heart even more.

Thank you for helping me deepen my love for myself. I have learned how to cherish myself more than ever before.

Spending months and months safe in my home with only the company of myself, I’ve had ample time to work on myself and gain insights on how to love my mind, body and soul better.

I never could have imagined that I would grow a tribe of 128 precious alchemists from around the world that will be soul family forever, even though we’ve mostly only met in the ether. I fell in love with all of these remarkable humans and I gave them my heart.

I am grateful that my empathy muscle has grown stronger by acknowledging the pain that so many have felt this year in separation, death of loved ones, loss of employment and financial stability, racial hatred, and so much more.

I’ve never cried for others as much as I have in 2020.

Thank you 2020 for amplifying the FULL spectrum of my emotions. From rage at politics to sadness at how uncaring some are towards their human family by not wearing a mask, to the longing for hugs and both hopelessness and hope, and joy at the small things.

2020 you reminded me that even without money I have more than enough to be happy. Every day was an opportunity to find joy in those things that are FREE.

The sunshine saved my life on the daily!

I befriended geckos, literally hugged trees, clapped for the dolphins I saw at the ocean, practiced yoga to birdsongs every day, opened my arms up to the moon each night in my backyard.

And thank you thank you Mama Ocean, without you I wouldn’t have made it. You have cleansed me of tears, you’ve listened as I stood and chanted mantra for hours in the water, purified me of my anger, held me to calm my vata energy down.

2020 you have rebirthed me in many ways. I feel like I am starting a new life every day this year. Every day the unexpected and with uncertainty I’ve let the old day die out over and over.

I honor you 2020 for helping me be more visible as the activist wellness leader I’ve been for 20 years trying to decolonize yoga. There is a long way to go but without you I would have stayed more in the background another 10 years.

Good-bye 2020 and good-bye to those humans that found my often times painful story of being a Brown immigrant in America too much and unfollowed and unfriended. I am glad for triggering even one person to realize some of us are pushing against the old norms that systemically hold BIPOC and LGBTQIA down. I am proud if I pissed someone off because there are those of us who believe that the world can be better than it is now.

Thank you 2020 for making my best friend my bike, again.We will be besties for the rest of my life.

Good-bye 2020 I am forever changed by you. Some years come and go and get forgotten, but not you!.You didn’t make me afraid of dying, you made me alert to the fact am I really fully living.

Certainly, I am not the same person I started this year. All because of you, I appreciate the smallest things, the kindness of strangers in the virtual world, the natural world as my family, emotions as my teachers, the breath as a gift.

I can breathe and therefore I am grateful.

Good-bye 2020. Thank you.

Humbly, Catalina Silvia Mordini

Photo by Ulrike Reinhold Photography

This letter is part of my important 21 December Solstice ritual preparation for the Great Awakening. I lovingly encourage you to write your own. 🙂

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