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Hesitation as the Biggest Obstacle to Happiness

Hesitation has been one of my BIGGEST obstacles to happiness.
Known as Samsaya in the #YogaSutras.

It’s why I understand the “Power of NOW” – the importance of “right timing.” This comes from Chapter 1 Verse 1 of the Yoga Sutras of Pantanjali which I talk about in real people terms here: https://youtu.be/hqoErpvFKxQ (click below)

What used to happen (and will again if I’m not tuned in) is I will get into analysis paralysis, fed by self-doubt, amplify worry by rehearsing the possible future scenarios (including those created by my catastrophic brain), and I’ll get stuck.

This has impacted me personally and in my business.

Then I’ll snap myself out of hesitation and hurry ahead but 10 times out of 10 it’s too late.

I missed the open door, the easeful way through of the NOW.

And I’ll get angry with myself for waiting too long.

Over and over again, I’d “almost” get things in right timing but hesitation would through it all off.

I’d basically make things 100 times harder than they needed to be.

–> Do you do that too?
Here’s my advice, just do the thing.
Stop stopping.
Get unstuck.
Say YES.

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The Yoga Sutras are a Handbook on Happiness. They teach us how to overcome obstacles & lead a happy fulfilled life.

Sets forth that life is full of obstacles. It outlines and helps us understand these 9 obstacles and it offers simple solutions so we can move beyond them/


Vyadhi : disease, illness , sickness ;

Styana : inefficiency , dullness;

Samsaya : indecision , doubt; hesitancy;

Pramada : carelessness , negligence;

Alasaya : sloth , laziness; Avirati : sensuality , craving;

Bhranti darsana : false views or perception;

Alabdhabhumikatva : failing to attain stages of practice;

Anavasthitatvani : inability to maintain;

Cittaviksepah : distractions of the mind;

Te : they are;

Antarayah: obstacles, impediments

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