My Dharma


  • I make a difference. I am a creative connector and I freely serve others to get unstuck from their pain or apathy.
  • I inspire people to be their own hero and say YES to the “call to adventure” to live happier in the present.
  • I change people’s lives. With laser like focus I serve as a catalyst for students to figure out their purpose (sva-dharma).
  • I save people time in healing their pain.
  • I wake people up to the power of change – their ability to choose to be happy, in order to love themselves, love their day, love their lives.
  • I hold people responsible for their happiness
  • I grow and contribute to others growth.
  • I encourage authenticity and vulnerability.
  • I step into my divine feminine power to express myself with confidence.

My Key Intentions

  1. I take away people’s pain, short cut it, prevent it where possible, help them make that quantum leap to happiness.
  2. I hold space for immersion into deep self-study and personal growth through Alchemy of Yoga  Teacher Training Programs.
  3. I create experiences of Transformational Travel, I teach adventure as fun, and spiritual growth
  4. My writing is reaching more people than ever with new insights that will INSPIRE and teach.
  5. I enjoy my life more because I make time for my partner, family/friends, fun and adventure!
  6. I have a spiritual partner who shares my ideals and deep love for life. I am in love and happy. My relationship is a source of bliss.
  7. I practice meditation daily and it enriches every aspect of my life.
  8. I am healthy baby momma in 2015-2016.
  9. I am free.
  10. I am present.
  11. I am thriving!

What Do I Say YES To?

  • Meditating more
  • Standing up for myself with less hesitation
  • Using technology to stay connected but not so much that it takes over. Avoid email, fb, twitter, pinterest in first 30 minutes of each day.  Take one day off per week, long weekend per month.
  • Formalizing a Happiness Academy
  • Conducting Happiness Interviews
  • Writing more articles about Happiness
  • Formalizing Loving Your Day KINDNESS Movement
  • Further developing Teacher to Teacher Alchemy Dharma Coaching
  • Fine tuning Yogapreneurship offerings: Business of Yoga, Marketing for Yogis
  • Producing more Loving Your Day Videos
  • Teaching fewer public classes and more Conferences and Festivals
  • Writing daily on my 3 books
  • Creating 21 Day Happiness Coaching Meditation Program
  • Removing all negative people from my life!!
  • Doing more towards Radical Self-Care Program – Share it with others