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How much pandemic weight have you gained?

“Weight measurements from Bluetooth-connected smart scales — suggests that adults under shelter-in-place orders gained more than half a pound every 10 days.
That translates to nearly two pounds a month, said Dr. Gregory M. Marcus, senior author of the research letter. Americans who kept up their lockdown habits could easily have gained 20 pounds over the course of a year, he added.”

I want to share some of my story because no one should feel ashamed of something like weight gain during a world wide pandemic where so many lost their lives. We are the lucky one’s, we made it! We are still here, even if not as in good of shape mentally or physically. We survived.

Personally I feel affected. A year ago it’s not so much my weight as the distribution that changed due to stress. I practiced Yoga every day but I no longer felt compelled to do a more vigorous practice for much of the year. I gravitated towards slow flow vinyasa, Yin, restorative and much longer seated meditations. At my birthday half way through the year I could feel a difference.
I also was working until 3am every night as I created a new business, since I lost all income, and had to close down my 11 year old business Alchemy Tours. I was eating very very little, Too little in fact.

I am not partnered or married so I am 100% responsible for everything in my life. I can’t afford to be sick so I played it very very safe in social distancing. I didn’t order out or eat out once in 2020. I waited until October to go back into the world.

October 21 I started Pure Barre classes, which I just completed 100. That was a game changer for me to be back to group fitness.

I had been lunging, lifting weights, walking on my own but that wasn’t enough.
January 15 I started Pilates. Another big step in my fitness journey back to the best body of my life by July 15, 2021 (my birthday).

This month I returned to in person Yoga classes at #thebodyelectricyoga and couldn’t be happier to practice with other humans and no longer by myself outside of zoom.

I’ve tuned in more strongly to Ayurvedic practices to manage nutrition. I had to take a hard look at veganism vs vegetarianism and up my protein intake.

But more than just physical health is mental health. Making sure that I’m sleeping enough, journaling regularly, practicing mantra, longer meditation, and more time in silence.

We may have gained an average of 2 pounds a month physically but we’ve also gained mental distraction leading to pandemic fatigue. All of this requires more effort to stay healthy for our health is our wealth.

Great article in New York Times HERE

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