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How to guide full moon ritual

I know it’s not easy to let go.

You may want to fight and cling to what is leaving you.

But the only way out is through letting go. If you want to be healthier, then you have to let go of what doesn’t serve you.

To make space for what comes next the Full Moon is the perfect time to work on letting go. Two key areas the practice points out for Full Moon Rituals are:

(1) offering forgiveness as a form of self-compassion and (2) letting go of wanting to rewrite the past. 

By forgiving you are making the decision to be happy. Forgiveness helps the ego stop over-exaggerating the pain or tiredness of the past. As Robert Holden says, “Happiness is letting go. Forgiveness is letting go. When you choose one you choose the other.”

Being on the mat in meditation or yoga reveals what is necessary for you to evolve. You get to see where you are resistant to change, or where you doubt yourself & hesitate, which are forms of resistance.

Even when you know what you want, if you replay old patterns, you will hold yourself back. Full Moons know how to push your buttons,forcing you to face your insecurities and fears

Today, begin by saying I AM READY FOR CHANGE.

Use the transformational energies of the Full Moon as a motivational turning point to move through your fear. Think of this as a mental and emotional cleanse to bring positive changes in your life.

Here is a loving GIFT I offer you with all my heart. How to Guide Full Moon Ritual. Sending you my deepest support.

As above, so below.
Silvia Mordini, Founder Alchemy of Yoga since 2004


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