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How Yoga saved my life

⏳I’ve been teaching long enough to see the yoga world change more times than I can count. I have been a yoga student even longer and have seen my own practice evolve and change more times than I can remember.
💥Five years ago I had an accident where I hurt by brain. I believe the official line is, “suffered traumatic brain injury”. It sounds pretty dramatic. And well, it was. In the hospital yoga breathing (pranayama) saved me from anxiety. 🌬
🧘🏽‍♂️My long time practice of meditation allowed me to tap into deep inner happiness while I was hospitalized. This saved me unnecessary stress.
During my recovery my yoga practice changed to look like Savasana 10-12 hours per day and another 10 hours of sleep. Eventually I saw this drop down to only a couple extra hours of savasana during daytime hours.
➡️ Savasana was the only post I could do for a while after having an advanced yoga practice for fifteen years. It was humbling.
Eventually I could also do seated meditation in easy pose. Child’s pose was a pipe dream and Downward Facing Dog was crazy talk. My head hurt too much to be inverted. Plus I could fall down or hamper the rewiring of my brain.
🦋As a result I had to transform my practice, I had no choice.
One of the blessings of my healing and how yoga saved me again was helping me appreciate what I had rather than comparing to what I was able to do before.
It made me wonder if we might all benefit from this question, What if you couldn’t asana?
How would you feel about yourself? If you are practicing the full Eight Limbed Path of Yoga, more than just the poses, then you will feel just as loving and confident in yourself as before.
(Part 2 next post)
😊 My brother took this photo #passagrillebeachflorida

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