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I am Ready to Receive My Intention

Welcome to this moment. I’m here to bring you this important message – the time is now.

It’s not tomorrow, it’s not next week. It starts right here, right now.

Do you feel it?

Do you feel the power of this moment?

It’s truly remarkable. You have the opportunity to create your reality, to manifest your heart’s desires and intentions.

You have the potential to make it happen, to live your dream life – starting right now, right here in this very moment.

The truth is that no matter what kind of life you want to live, you can create it, here and now.

But you must be ready, ready to take the plunge and take action.

You must choose to be open and willing to receive your intention and desires.

Once you make your decision, the power of your being will start working to pull together all the energies and resources that will help you manifest what you truly want.

This is your opportunity to create something meaningful, something special and unique, something that will bring real value to your life.

Make the decision now that you are ready and willing to receive your hearts intention and desires.

Embrace this moment, and allow yourself to be open to receive the abundance of everything you ever wanted in life.

Be prepared for wonderful, beautiful surprises that await you.

You have so much potential and so much power – just waiting for you to discover, waiting for you to activate!

So go ahead and make your move, be ready for your intention and desires – the time is now! So today is the day for me to take charge of my life and fully embody the power of my intention and desires. I am ready to open myself to the wonders of what is available to me. It is time for me to be in alignment with my purpose, and to receive all that is meant for me.

Nothing can prevent me from reaching my goals, because I have made the conscious decision to accept my truth, and to open my heart to the infinite possibilities that are available to me. I am ready to take action in order to make things happen.
Through patience and determination, I will transform my dreams into reality. I trust that I can manifest what I want and so I will take action with a clear focus. My clarity and strength will ensure that I get everything that I desire.
I will let go of all limiting beliefs, doubts, and fears that are holding me back, and let divine guidance lead the way. I can believe in myself and have faith that whatever comes my way is for my higher good.
Repeat this to yourself: Today marks an important occasion in my life as I receive what I have been wanting for such a long time. I am ready to make this happen and take ownership of this process. Now is the time for me to be fully present in the moment and truly enjoy what is on its way. It is here now, waiting for me to accept it with open arms and an open heart.

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