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I crushed my March movement goals

I crushed my March movement goals‼️

🔻22 @purebarrestpete classes
🔻Completed the #barrestrongerchallenge
🔻Complete the 3rd month of #platinumchallenge
🔻44 miles on bike because 22 classes means 2 miles ridden on bike (just to class)
🔻 Back to in person Yoga😊 at @tgebodyelectricyoga after 1 year away
🔻7 #pilates classes with http://www.pilateswithleigh.com/
🔻Only riding my bike anywhere & everywhere!
🔻Every other day walks around Crescent Lake 2.4 miles (.5 back and forth to get there and trail is 1.4)
🔻Yoga every day‼️
🔻Dance dance dance 🎵🎵🎵🎵

Why do I do it?🤔

1 quality longevity
2 mental health
3 emotional equilibrium
4 more energy
5 so I can eat what I love
6 time in nature
7 time in community
8 aesthetics
9 self-care makes me smarter
10 self-love keeps me activated

Thank you to all my amazing instructors and the ladies at the barre and on reformers who make my life waaaaaay better. 💟

This is me making an A+ effort towards my health.
Because our health is our wealth.

😊 Doors opening soon for my newest group coaching container to help you crush your movement goals too!

Photo by Holly at #purebarrestpete

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