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I now belong to the 100 club

A week ago today I hit a milestone at Pure Barre and now belong to the 100 club. πŸ™‚

What this also means is since I started October 20, 2020 I’ve done:
β€” 200 miles ridden by bike to & from class 🚴🏾πŸ₯‡
— 100 Splits (full #Hanumanasana)
— 100 lunges each side
— 100 lunge twists
— 100 seated forward folds
— 100 times silently saying #ganesha mantra for help πŸ™‚
— 90 minutes of holding forearm plank
–5,000 minutes of Pure Barre
–xxxxx ab exercises

When I started I couldn’t do a full body traditional push-up.
And now I can and I like it.
I’m working muscles that I don’t use the same way in Yoga.

10 Key things I’ve learned in 100 Classes:
1-The smallest changes can lead to the biggest results
2-You can do anything for ten seconds!
3-Get lost in the music, let the rhythm move you
4-Listen to your body
5-Smaller is better; no need to exaggerate your movements
6-Accountability really does work!
7-Having a squad, tribe, kula makes it all easier
8-Showing up is the most important part
9-Smile at yourself in the mirror
10-Celebrate the milestones

I’m going for the 250 club and today I am 42% of the way there!

I’m going to be in the BEST shape of my life in 2021.
That’s a promise from me to me.


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