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I voted 10 days ago

I Voted 10 days ago & I just confirmed my vote has been accepted and recorded!

In 2016 I was living and loving in Santa Cruz California. The night of the election I cried in a way that shook me up. I watched in horror and confusion. Thru tears I wrote an article titled “Why do You Hate Me?” It felt personal because it was personal.

Next day at the hippy grocery store everybody looked red eyed and in utter shock.

At that time I hadn’t met a republican for years, not in #santacruz and not in #seattle where I lived for almost a decade.

What I didn’t know how was how many “nice white” people could think my value was less than theirs and voted against me.

What I remember most is confusion. I’m a logical human. This didn’t compute.

*Rump was a bad actor on reality TV. He was a crude mysogynist, racist. He was a liar and a cheat. A failed business man: he was a joke. Not what Presidents of the free world are made of.

This time I’m ready.

I know more now about the American underbelly.

I get it. If you don’t vote #BidenHarris2020 it’s because you do hate me and think I’m worthless. You actually don’t believe #blacklivesmatter and don’t care who knows that. You don’t want LGBTQ co-workers or neighbors to be able to legally marry or have the same rights as you. You truly don’t want women to have sovereignty over their bodies. You believe Brown children in cages is a-ok, it’s good enough for dogs because the president called us animals.

I see you. 👀

And I’m standing up to you bullies led by the bully-in-chief with my Vote. 🔥

I also want to say thank you to all who are voting from a place of privilege today to help anyone with less, so we can finally live as equal brothers and sisters. You get it.

And I am so grateful to you. Catalina

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