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Is Your Anxiety Triggered by Trust Issues?

I’ve been thinking about TRUST a lot lately. Even more than usual as I take my heart out of the safety deposit box I had kept it in for safe keeping.

In order to recover and heal from a traffic jam of betrayals over the last 5 years I walked myself back to SELF-TRUST. That journey was filled with a lot of wrong turns and delays. As I refined the process to taking back trust I designed a 21 day program for you around my own learnings called TLC. 💚 T for trust.

Here’s one key takeaway: if your anxiety is triggered by trust issues, it is important to remember that it is not about whether or not you can trust someone else; but, whether you have built up a good enough relationship with yourself to trust your ability to handle life’s betrayals and disappointments.

➡️ Counter-intuitively, the trust focus is on you, not the other person. #HappinessRx #truthbomb

Assume you have the inner strength to both open your heart and protect it at the same time.

If you are a yogi, you already know the delight in heart opening back bends (sending energy out), as well as the calm that comes from forward bends (gazing inward). Life is like yoga: you want the inner balance that comes from both: trusting yourself with your own discernment to see red flags and opening your heart to another.

The path to trust in romantic relationships and life starts with cultivating self-trust.

No one can do that for you. But certainly I can hold space for you, and offer you the tools, techniques that I used to make it easier.

DM if you want into this small group coaching container in August. ✅

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