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Having a clear vision of your day saves 40% of your time and makes you more productive. Instead of simply charging into your day going in a million directions take time to get clear on what you’ll do to look after yourself. 

I’ve put together a simple worksheet checklist for you to use. 

This begins with a “brain dump” that will clear your mind to focus on other things. Whether it’s the small distracting thoughts that can take our attention or bigger, more challenging issues that can at times hijack our thoughts, this will make mental space. 

The most common brain dump exercise you’ve probably heard of are Julia Cameron’s “morning pages” or “stream of consciousness journaling.” In it’s most basic form, this is simply waking up, grabbing your journal, and writing down exactly what comes to your head without worrying about whether it makes sense or not. There’s not right or wrong way to do this. You simply write down whatever crosses your mind. 

On your worksheet you have some form to this process all organized to a single page.
• Thoughts: This is the square to fill with all the thoughts that are swirling around. The basic part of the brain dump exercise. Don’t over think it, get cluttered thoughts out of your mind and put them on the paper.
• To Do: Write out your key action items for today.
• Gratitude: Take a minute here to write down 3-5 positive things that you’re grateful for; whether it’s a close friend, your morning coffee, your health, or the fact that you have a comfy bed to sleep in every night.
• Top 3 Priorities: From the above “to do” box, choose the three things that you NEED to get done today. This will help give you a little more clarity and focus on how your day is going to go.
• Control: Take those 3 top priorities and designate which are in your control and if there is something out of your control. You can simply write 1, 2, or 3 in this box. 

We waste a lot of precious time and energy stressing over things that we can do absolutely nothing about. When instead, we should focus our energy on the things we actually have control over and can take action on. 


Take a moment to write out your answers to “Top 3 ways I want to feel today” and ‘what can I do to take care of myself.” Go through your AWAKE Mindful Morning Routine and check off those actions you completed today. Use this checklist to hold yourself accountable. 

You must decide where you are going in the evening, if you intend to leave early in the morning. ― Malian Proverb

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  1. Thank you for genuinely caring about us women and encouraging us. I am interested in how much your service costs? Thank you kindly.

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