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Lotus Mudra meaning and practice

I’ve lived in Bali for 10 almost 11 years, going for 6 or more months per year. I remember upon landing into Denpasar airport Bali Indo in 2009 I felt in every cell of my body that I had RETURNED to the Home of my Heart!

The stories and mythology of yoga came alive every day, 24 hours per day!.One of a million magical experiences in Bali, I found myself surrounded by lotus flowers or padma as it’s known in Sanskrit everywhere I went.

I loved the lotus blossoms even before I came to find them manifested in my ordinary life.

Why? One reason is because the lotus blossom is the throne for Lakshmi, my Ishta Devata, who I cherished even before I knew her name. She showed up in dreams when I was a child.

The first time I created the lotus mudra it soothed me, calmed me, made me feel my heart expand. This was all somatic and Intuited the meaning for myself.

You should know that Mudras have been used for thousands of years to direct prana or ‘vital energy’ throughout the physical and energetic body.

#LotusMudra represents compassion, loving kindness, and personal growth. It is an ancient symbol of our planet. Growing in muddy waters, and rising above the surface to bloom with remarkable beauty, at night the flower closes and sinks under water, rising again at dawn. It is reborn every day.

Lotus mudra is often used to connect to the #heartchakra as a way of symbolizing the subtle energy Anahata which is linked to love, kindness, the element of air,.In our practice the Lotus mudra can serve as a visual focus point, deepening a yoga practice beyond the physical postures and allowing the invocation of lovingkindness, expansion, compassion to flow through your whole being.

What is COMPASSION? The definition of compassion, according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, is the “sympathetic consciousness of others’ distress together with a desire to alleviate it.”

Practices such as Metta or Loving Kindness meditation where love towards ourselves and outwardly to others can be linked with #Padma mudra as a way of symbolically opening the heart chakra. The practice of Metta is one of the four Brahma Viharas, the ‘four faces of love’

On this Easter 2021 my hope is that teaching at Noon today at @thebodyelectric I can inspire our tribe here in #StPetersburgFlorida to send an energetic wave of lovingkindness to YOU and YOU and YOU. To any and all who are in the muddy waters feeling hardship right now.

May our intentions bring healing to your lotus heart. xx Silvia

*Check out the next post about the Metta Meditation (lovingkindness) that you can practice with padma mudra, lotus mudra.

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