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Love Notes from Silvia

How to have a healthy relationship with social media is a check in question close to my heart.

Prior to 2020 I felt I had a balanced relationship with socials.
Post 2020 it’s been a struggle not to get addicted.

I’m doing my best to:
–>Be intentional when using social media.
–> Limit time on social media
–> Follow only those that inspire
–> Engage in real life and put the phone down to be present.

IT’S NOT ENOUGH, (for me).
I use social media (1) create inspiring content that reminds other people they are not alone (2) to educate (3) for my small business, to promote and sell my courses online since this is how I support myself (4) to connect with like minded community and learn from other people.

I’ve evaluated my 2022 Statistics and this is how I’m failing in my use of social media:.

1. I’m not finding community that wants/needs/desires the content I am creating where I put the most time and energy.

2. My programs and courses are not being seen by new people for whom they would resonate with resulting in lowest lifetime sales in 2022. I had more courses but less people purchased.

3. I don’t want to be engaged with the same type of people as I’ve been in the past. I’m fatigued by “mystical thinking” and talk of energetic frequency and vibration, coaches constantly saying the problem is not enough self-love or multi 7 figure entrepreneurs advising how to make money fast with no effort.

What this means to me is that that Time Cost of social media is not working for me. In 2022 I had less free time than ever before and saw an increase in anxiety.

Does this mean I drop out completely? No.

–> I am dramatically cutting back on time invested overall.
–> I will be MOST focused on YouTube where I’m impacting the most good. And that feels the most fulfilling.
–> My facebook group is still a focus because it’s so fun! LIFE inspired
–> Email is where my heart is most able to touch your heart.
—>I simply don’t want to SPEND SO MUCH TIME ON MY PHONE. That’s a huge intention for 2023!

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