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Loving What We Look Like

I haven’t always treated myself kindly. Even today, it’s hard for me to talk about this brief period of my life (I write “brief” because the older I get, the less those couple years count as part of the whole). I am still embarrassed about being both ignorant and abrasive towards my external appearance.

While in college, I vacillated between not caring what I looked like and letting myself fall apart, to being vain and caring way too much. I simply lost my relationship with my outside. I still appreciated the specialness of who I was on the inside. But the inside and outside didn’t match, and they were at odds.

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Trauma revealed truths that took me to some faraway places for healing and wisdom. In Bali, South America, New Zealand, Australia, Laos, Hawaii and Malaysia, I soaked it up, took bold actions, and expanded what was possible for me.

Through all of this I learned something profound; the power of resiliency can be taught and even making a 5% change can change the future dramatically.

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