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Mandala Making in Bali

The psychoanalyst Carl Jung saw the mandala as “a representation of the unconscious self.” In common use, “mandala” is any geometric pattern that represents the cosmos metaphysically or symbolically—a microcosm of the Universe, and an expression of unity and oneness.
For me this is ancient healing art that I practice everyday. No matter where I am in the world you’ll find me with a mandala coloring book and colored pencils sitting and meditating.
I’ve colored #mandalas since I was a little girl and will continue this practice of allowing creative expression, and indeed coloring outside the lines, to remain with me forever.
#DivineFemine #SacredFeminine #EnergyMedicine#WeAreOne #LoveYourSelf #LoveYourDay#LoveYourLife
Lens: #Mandala #Ubud #Bali

mandala bali 2015

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