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Monday Morning Journaling Prompts

Monday Morning Journaling prompts help you feel your starting point for the week. This practice can help you work through any thoughts and feelings that are clouding your mind. From there you can design your best self-care plan for the next seven days.

There are a million reasons why Journaling is beneficial mentally, emotionally and spiritually. One of the big one’s is to give yourself an aerial perspective, to think big picture by zooming out as you look ahead for the week.


—> How am I feeling?
—> What am I grateful for?
—> What does my soul need this week?
—> This week I am excited to…
—> What 3 things would make this week great?

—> What can wait until next week?

—> My week would be incomplete without…
—> What do I look forward to the most this week?
—> How will I prioritize self-care this week?
—> How do I want to feel at the end of the week?
—> Describe two to three things I will do to relax this week.

—> How will I make time for myself today?

—> What helps me stay focused this week?
—> What is the most important thing I what to accomplish this week?
—> How will I show myself compassion this week?
—> This I know I am most peaceful when…
—> This week I love myself because…

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